10 Essential Things You Need to Know About Attending Paris’ Salon du Chocolat

Paris, the capital city of France, is also declared the world’s ‘Cultural Capital’. Its streets are also filled with chocolate’s irresistible aroma. You might consider it to be a dream. But no! The fact is, it is the popular ‘Salon da Chocolat’ that is presently in full swing! This chocolate festival promotes the skill development of chefs who are experts in chocolate production.

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Increasing traffic at Paris’ Salon du Chocolat

The fact is that thousands of curious travelers and cocoa enthusiasts are drawn to this festival every year. They manage to converge in the ‘City of Light’, embarking on a sensuous journey. They prefer to taste the favorite treats of the world, both sweet and bitter. They are even ready to go the extra mile to derive this taste. If you love having dreamy, dark, or creamy-flavored chocolate, you should be present at this event. It assures of an exciting world of chocolate that you get to dive in.

Things to know when attending the event

1. Plan to meet important contacts before visiting the event:

This way, you can make sure that you check up personally with everyone you know in Paris. Once done, you can peacefully enjoy the event without any interruption.

2. Its history and legacy:

As you step into the salon, you feel like you are entering a fairy tale. Each chocolate truffle or square tells its own story. The salon itself offers a remarkable narrative. It was established in 1994 to pay tribute to chocolate-making and artistry. With time, it has expanded and morphed. It provides a platform for all iconic chocolatiers to showcase their unique work and business plans. Hence, attending the event enables you to enjoy the savoring flavors and be part of the rich legacy.

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3. Schedule presentations and classes in your calendar with reminders:

You should gain some knowledge about chocolate by attending classes given by well-known people in the industry. Review the schedule online. Maybe you can develop a feasible business plan after attending the classes.

4. Travel light:

Before you undertake the journey, consider its practicality. It can be a stopover in Paris for a day or enjoying a scenic train ride across Europe. Your salon experience should be smooth and pleasurable. Perform competitive analysis to make well-informed choices at the event.

Travel light

5. Tips and tricks to navigate the venue smoothly:

It is a big event. Plan wisely for your journey. Weekend afternoons are peak hours and witness maximum footfall. Weekday mornings will enable you to explore peacefully.

6. What to expect from the event:

The salon outdoes itself every year. It exhibits tasty-looking chocolates of different sizes, shapes, and types that tantalize the eyes. Another attraction here is the chocolate fashion show. Models walk down the ramp adorned in attractive cocoa-inspired creations. It also helps boost skill development.

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7. Broaden your experience beyond chocolate:

Besides edible delights, the salon has an artistic and cultural side to it that needs to be explored. You can get books that provide valuable information on chocolate-making history or artistic installations paying tribute to cocoa beans. We also created interactive zones where visitors can be influenced by products using cocoa, crafts, and live music.

8. Meet the chocolate creators and show them gratitude.

You may connect with them and learn more about them and their journey. Also, follow them on social media for future updates.

9. Endless wonder:

Devising a well-researched plan will ensure you make the most of the Salon tour and not miss out on crucial things. You will feel thankful for the artisans, the cocoa world, and the event organizers.

10. Buy chocolates for everyone you know back home.

Prepare a checklist of people you know and care for. Buy chocolates for everyone on that list and surprise them completely. Do a competitive analysis to save money.

Thus, being well-prepared in advance will enable you to enjoy Paris’ Salon du Chocolat event.

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