3 of the Best Small Business Ventures for Contractors

When tackling small business ventures, contractors are at an advantage since there will always be a need for home maintenance. No matter what type of community you are working in, there’s a lot of demand for home repair as homeowners consider their homes to be long-term investments in need of constant maintenance. If you need some new ideas, keep reading. Below are some of the best business ventures for contractors to tackle as a way to maintain their clientele and build up their business.

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Foundation Repair

When it comes to repairing foundations, homeowners will experience a significant cost periodically. When the time comes to have blocks, wood, and other parts repaired, homeowners can expect to pay approximately $4640 per job, according to HomeAdvisor. This means that there needs to be a contractor established in the area and ready to assist with a wide variety of foundation services.

Some of these foundation repair jobs include installing or replacing piers for the home. These can be steel, concrete, or helical depending on the home and the property underneath it. Sometimes the concrete in the foundation just needs to be repoured, especially in homes that are at least a half-century to a whole century old. Shimming and sealing cracks are also pretty common repair requests, even in rural areas.

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This type of repair is common in homes that have aged after a few decades and is essential to maintain the integrity of the home’s structure. Foundations can be damaged also by water leaks or storms or they can shift due to earthquakes or major construction projects on nearby lots. Whether you live in a rural or more populated area, there is a demand for foundation repair services for homes in the area.

Foundation Repair

Roof Repair

Whether they are looking to replace an entire roof or do maintenance on an existing roof, homeowners are expected to spend approximately $950 on average on roof repairs every few years. This is essential for homes that are in need of a good roof cleaning after being covered by trees or that have dried-out shingles that need to be replaced in parts of the roof.

The cost of roofs that need to be replaced entirely is much larger as the job is more extensive and demands more supplies. Maintaining regular roof repair and offering it as a service to local clients is a great way to prolong the life of the existing roof and keep them from needing to move forward with a full replacement.

Septic Tank Repair

Another system that is significant to your home is septic tank repair and when it needs to be serviced, it can be a sticky and substantial job. The septic tank is going to always be a buried, watertight container. It is almost always made of concrete, fiberglass, or polyethylene, depending on the contractor that put the septic tank down in the beginning.

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If there are cracks in your septic tank and it is trying to leak into local water wells, it needs to be sealed immediately to avoid contamination. Other repairs include the replacement of pipes and the leach field. The first thing that needs to be done in this process is to drain out the septic tank. If you have experience as a septic contractor, you may find success in creating a business offering septic pumping and repair services.

These repairs are very common for aged homes and will be enough to help stabilize work as a contractor when you are not able to find new construction or things have slowed down in other areas. If you already have experience in any of these areas, you can benefit from starting your own business.

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