The Top 12 Low-Investment Part-Time Company Ideas in the UK to Launch

Perhaps you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur and, hence, seeking viable business opportunities. Be it a recession, high inflation, or a slow economy, you can have a part-time business to earn extra cash. It will help offset rising prices or additional costs.

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Top 12 Low-Investment Part-Time Company Ideas You Can Launch in the UK

1. Bookkeeping Service:

A high school diploma is enough to start this business. You may join online classes or the local community college to earn the certificate. You have to market your business at leading networking sites like Upwork. You will require an LLC business license, accounting software, professional site, and professional liability insurance.

2. Pool Cleaning Service:

Many homes have pools that require service throughout the year. Gain knowledge about how to clean and treat pools of all sizes using chemicals. Having basic math skills can help determine the number of chemicals to be used. You require chemicals, pool equipment, small business insurance, vehicles, invoicing software, and LLC formation.

Pool Cleaning Service

3. Pet Sitting Business:

If you love pets, you can help others take care of their pets and earn money through such company ideas. It includes birds, cats, dogs, and other animals. You will require specialized training like animal CPR, administering medicine, etc. You have to pet-proof your home, have pet sitter insurance, a website, some flyers, and a home with sufficient yard space.

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4. Graphic Design Services:

You should have digital artistic skills to launch this part-time entrepreneurship. You can find clients at Upwork or Fiverr. Also, rely on word of mouth and networking. You will require graphic design software, a website, a business license, and business cards.

5. Personal Trainer:

You can have a flying career if you have knowledge of physical fitness and nutrition. You can help men and women of all ages get into shape. You may possess a certificate in fitness or a sports science degree.

6. Property Management:

You can launch a property management business or become a part-time property manager. You may even act as a liaison between residents and contractors. You require a business license, a property management license, business cards, and a website.

7. Dropshipping Business:

It is one of the company ideas that will work out if you lack the money and time to start an online store. You require a website, dropshipping supplier, payment processor, business license, and sales tax ID.

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8. Mobile Car Wash or Auto Detailing:

It is a great business that you can do on weekends. You will need to invest in a pressure washer, a dry or wet vacuum, a buffer, microfiber towels, and cleansers. You also require a website, LLC formation, and small business insurance.

9. Staffing Business:

It is an excellent entrepreneurial idea, as you become the middleman between prospective employees and employers. You help businesses hire great candidates and get paid for your service. You require permits, licenses, the internet, a website, and business insurance.

10. Virtual Assistant:

Virtual Assistant

Many professionals lack time and hire VAs (virtual assistants) to organize their documents and emails, perform administrative work, and schedule appointments. You should have a website, a stable internet connection, a computer or laptop, and excellent administrative and organizational skills.

11. Website Design Agency:

If you have the right skills, you can design websites. You should have coding knowledge (CSS and HTML), WordPress, and a few SEO tools. You require an attractive website, a site builder or web host, and a graphic design software subscription.

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12. Tour Provider:

You require intimate knowledge of the region and a high school diploma to avail yourself of such lucrative business opportunities. You can even hire hikers, walking tour guides, etc. You require a license, liability insurance, a website, and marketing materials.

You can check out the above opportunities to start your low-investment, part-time company. Make a well-informed, well-researched choice.

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