What Traditional Industries Now Benefit from Cutting-Edge Technology?

It’s easy to find stories about how new technology is changing the world, but what about those cases you haven’t heard about so far? Some traditional industries have been using the latest technology in interesting ways that are worth taking a closer look at.

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Agricultural Workers Using Wearables to Collect Data

The AgWearCare project is carrying out the task of making agricultural work safer, through the use of wearables. Since a lot of this type of work puts a strain on workers’ bodies, they want to collect data to try and prevent people from suffering from musculoskeletal disorders related to these jobs. The data collected should allow them to work out which tasks potentially cause health problems when they get repeated numerous times.
The project has looked at the work carried out while dealing with different crops including olive trees, kiwifruit, and vineyards. As well as the health issues, they also use the data they collect to work out productivity levels. This is done by comparing the geolocation data for workers and seeing which area of the crops needs more time spent on them for some reason.

Agricultural Workers Using Wearables to Collect Data

Virtual Reality in Various Areas of Construction

You’ve probably seen examples of how virtual reality (VR) is making waves in the entertainment industry. Yet, it’s also being used in other types of business, with its usefulness in construction projects perhaps one of the biggest surprises. This technology can be used initially to create a detailed render view and 3D tour of the proposed construction that helps everyone to understand it more fully and may convince buyers to invest.

Once the work begins, VR is also used in other aspects such as training and safety. New workers can practise in a safe environment using the machinery and tools before putting that knowledge to good use in a real-life setting on a construction project.
We can look forward to the emergence of many other interesting uses of new technology like those we’ve looked at here. While most people are mainly aware of the innovations that impact their daily lives, there’s a lot more going on in the business world that we can discover when we dig a bit deeper.