Why Don’t More Women Run US Businesses?

Women are the population that has been cut off from world economics, and its several aspects. The US business had been run by the hands of the males. However, the question arises about the capability and empowerment of US women in the world of business. Ascending to the C-suite and the boardroom in unprecedented numbers, women have made significant progress in the economic world.

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But they are still very far from being on an equal footing with males in the United States’ top corporate positions.

In the US, there are more women than men. However, according to the Pew Research Centre, they only make up 10.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs, 30.4% of US board members, and 32.8% of college and university presidents.

Pew decided to ask Americans why they believe that is the case and whether they anticipate seeing more women in high-level positions in business any time soon. So they polled a sample of US individuals who were nationally representative.

When asked “Why aren’t there more women in top executive business positions?” respondents named a number of “primary” causes.

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Leading among them:

  • According to 58% of respondents, women must demonstrate their worthier than men.
  • Gender discrimination was noted by 50%.
  • For 48% of respondents, having a family was a barrier to advancement for women.
  • Many organizations, according to 43%, aren’t ready to hire women for top positions.
  • 40% of respondents believed that sexual harassment makes it difficult for women to advance in society.

sexual harassment

50% of respondents who were asked whether there would ever be an equal number of women and men in senior executive roles in business replied no. Another 48% predicted that it will “only be a matter of time” before there are as many women in leadership positions as there are men.

mixed results by political party and gender

Pew compared responses from respondents who identified as Democrats or Republicans, as well as replies from men and women.

The majority of Democrats (76%) and most women (65%) agreed that there are not enough women in positions of leadership in the business world. A sizable majority (79%) of those who responded in favor of this thought there ought to be an equal distribution of men and women in these positions. Another 10% said it would be good to have more women than men, and a further 10% thought it would be best to have more women overall but still not as many as males.

Democrats were more likely than Republicans to view a variety of variables as key barriers for women obtaining top leadership roles in business, among the two major political parties.

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However, when it came to identifying arguments for why fewer women are in positions of leadership in the business world, gender prevailed over political affiliation.

Republicans and Democrats are more likely than men to believe that there aren’t enough women in positions of power in business and to cite specific issues as key barriers for women. said Pew.

Originally posted 2023-10-19 11:35:31.